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What is FSSAI / food license:-

Food License Registration certificate is required to run a food product business. You have to register under Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) to manufacture, distribute and transport food products. FSSAI is established under the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India. The FSSAI has been established under the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006. FSSAI Certificate and FSSAI License are same which ensures the quality, purity and other important factors the customers can rely upon.

Difference between FSSAI & food license:-

Both FSSAI and Food License are same.

What are the different types of license:-

License Type




FSSAI Basic License

Annual turnover of the business is less than 12 lakhs

1 Year

Including Govt. Fee Excluding GST
One Time
No Hidden Charge

FSSAI State License

Annual turnover of the business is between 12 to 20 crores

1 To 5 Years

Rs. 2500/-
Excluding Govt. Fee Excluding GST
One Time
No Hidden Charge

FSSAI Central License

Annual turnover of the business is above 20 crores

1 To 5 Years

Rs. 6000/-
Excluding Govt. Fee Excluding GST
One Time
No Hidden Charge

FSSAI License for Cloud Kitchen

One of the most popular food business ideas is cloud kitchen. A cloud kitchen is also known as a dark kitchen or ghost kitchen. It is a commercial kitchen where food is prepared only for delivery or takeout. It is fundamentally a restaurant that receives food orders through an online platform and delivers food at the customer’s place. It does not have physical premises where it serves food and they have a base kitchen from where the food is conveyed to the clients’ doorstep. 

FSSAI regulates the food industry in India. It mandates the registration of all Food Business Operators (FBOs) including the cloud kitchen. Thus, the FSSAI license is mandatory for cloud kitchens. Depending on the annual turnover, cloud kitchens can obtain the FSSAI Basic Registration, FSSAI State License or the FSSAI Central License.

Cloud kitchens can apply for FSSAI Licenses/Registration through the FoSCoS portal. They need to select the type of food business, annual turnover, fill out either Form A or Form B, upload documents and make an online payment to submit the license/registration application.

Upon submission of the license/registration application, the respective department will verify the application and scrutinise the documents submitted. When the department is satisfied that the cloud kitchen meets all the required criteria, it will grant an FSSAI registration certificate with the registration number to the applicant’s email ID. 

Benefits of Procuring FSSAI Food License

Obtaining a license can provide the food business with legal benefits, build goodwill, ensure food safety, create consumer awareness, and assist in business expansion. Also, it helps regulate, manufacture, storage, distribution and sale of import food. It is easy to obtain funds from investors when an FBO has FSSAI registration.

The FSSAI logo on the food products ensures the quality of food to the customers. The FSSAI registration number displayed on the food premises indicate that the premises comply with the hygiene and quality standards.


Consequences of Non-Compliance

Any registered or licensed person under the FSSAI has to adhere to the rules and regulation under the FSS Act, 2006. Food safety officer generally conducts the inspection of the food business operator’s facility and identifies the level of compliance with the regulation using a checklist. Based on the compliance level, the food safety officer marks it as:

  • Compliance (C)
  • Non-compliance (NC)
  • Partial compliance (PC)
  • Not applicable/Not observed (NA)

Based on the above, the food safety officer might issue an improvement notice where ever required per Section 32 of the FSS Act, 2006. If the business operator fails to comply with the improvement notice, the officer after giving the licensee an opportunity to show cause may cancel his license. Any food business operator aggrieved by an improvement notice can appeal to the State Commissioner of Food Safety. The decision thereon can be challenged through appealing to the Food Safety Appellate Tribunal/High Court.

Penalty for Non- Compliance

Listed is the penalty for various type of non-compliance:

Sl.No Particulars Fine
1 Food quality not in compliance with act 2 Lakh Petty manufacturer – 25,000/-
2 Sub-standard food 5 Lakh
3 Misbranded Food 3 Lakh
4 Misleading advertisement or false description 10 Lakh
5 Extraneous matter in food 1 Lakh
6 Failure to comply with Food safety officer direction 2 Lakh
7 Unhygienic processing or manufacture 1 Lakh

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